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To become a world-class entertainer, you must have world-class management. This means management catered to your needs, developed around your goals. Based in the heart of downtown Chicago, Platinum® has been providing professional management services to entertainers for almost a decade. Working together with entertainers and other creative professionals on all levels to provide exceptional representation. Platinum® combines unparalleled communication and mentorship with expertise rooted in business development to advise clients in decisions that will generate long-term value.

Personal Management

Providing Exceptional Management Services for Entertainers.

Platinum® recognizes and understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality and is committed to representing clients with the utmost respect and confidence. Platinum® remains at the forefront of a constantly evolving entertainment industry, embracing all creative professionals, and focused on protecting clients while providing career guidance.

  • Entertainers
  • Artists
  • Producers
  • Singers
  • Songwriters
  • Musicians
  • Live Streamers
  • Content Creators

Creating Opportunities

Behind Every Successful Entertainer, You’ll Find a Dedicated Manager.

• Full-Service Management

• Business Development

• Strategic Partnerships

• Creative Collaborations

• Contract Negotiations

• Brand Sponsorships

• Business Communications

• Data Analytics & Reporting

Professional Services

What We Can Do For You

Providing management solutions to complex entertainment issues. An extensive business strategy, including short-term wins paired with a long-term mindset, will elevate your brand in the world of entertainment. With our personalized, unique approach to management, whether assisting with daily operations, overseeing communication and outreach, or leading contract discussions, our commitment is always to our clients first.

Business Growth

Identify short-term and long-term opportunities for business growth

Digital Marketing

Strategically rollout traditional and new media campaigns

Research & Analysis

Conduct industry and market research with comprehensive brand analysis

Strategic Partnerships

Generate a target partnership list and develop deal structure

From Our Founder

Be a Catalyst in Whatever You Do.

“Every entertainer deserves exceptional management.”
From studio sessions in Los Angeles, to events in Chicago, to record deals in New York, Platinum® has the leadership experience to add instant value to any level entertainer. Fueled by passion, classically trained in management, and with expertise across a broad range of disciplines, Platinum® believes that when your career is on the line, Nothing Is More Personal™

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